Information Governance

  • Privacy
  • Cyber Security
  • International Data Management

Data Structure

  • Distributed Ledger
  • Data Architecture
  • Standardized Platform

Analytics Strategy

  • Tools Analysis
  • Education
  • Technology Implementation


"As a customer, I have worked with Catherine over the past 5 years. I find her passion and vast knowledge in the areas of Information Governance to be exceptionally valuable.  Catherine is highly thought of by her colleagues and is incredibly dedicated to her customers." - Kathy Becker, Global Record and Information Manager at Apple

"Catherine has not only been an exceptional consultant by providing us with the insights and guidance we need for the highly complex Information Governance requirements and strategies inherent in our budding new industry, she has also been an extremely valuable resource by connecting us with key individuals in both the Business and Regulatory Privacy and Information Governance fields, as well as to potential clients and investors. Catherine has been one of the most valuable assets in our growth." - Paul Marek, Founder & CEO, - Personal Data Ownership Platform

“Duncan has a keen eye to see what other people have missed, we brought him on to edit our blockchain certification course. His expertise in the technical aspects of blockchain technology made him an ideal person to edit our certification course. There are very few individuals who can see the all parts of the network as a holistic system.” - Evan Brown, Education Lead MLG Blockchain

"It has been a pleasure to work with Anferny Chen. He successfully developed partnerships that brought the largest Chinese pitch competition to Canada, expanded the involvement of financial institutions, and involved other  strategic partners that together brought the Canadian entrepreneurial community and Fundica Roadshow to the next level. Thanks Anferny!" - Mike Lee, Founder and President of Fundica

"Anferny's passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship comes through in everything he does. He loves getting things done and is always looking for ways to add value, whether its by connecting people, coming up with creative ideas or building something from scratch. He cares about important issues like environmental sustainability but knows how to balance passion with pragmatism and a strong business acumen. Anferny is a serious asset for any team or initiative and it was a pleasure working with him on various initiatives at Schulich and YSEC." - Lauren Joseph, Lead, Electronics Industry and Global Leadership Fellow at World Economic Forum

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