Information Governance in the Data-driven World

Data is driving digital transformation, and is the fuel for AI, blockchain, IoT and machine learning. Some companies have become data collectors, leading innovation in their respective industries.

  • L’Oréal buys ModiFace, a “beauty tech” startup that applies augmented reality and AI to the beauty industry.
  • Roche buys Flatiron Health, a startup analyzing real-time oncology data to help cancer patients and doctors.
  • Pfizer joins the MediLedger Project, a joint venture that will explore and develop blockchain solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The Climate Corporation, a digital agriculture company, creates technologies that transform field data into meaningful insights that help farmers sustainably enhance yield potential, improve efficiency, and manage their risk.

Information governance allows the development of data lifecycle management solutions. A compliant data management program is the foundation that enables companies to become innovative, stay competitive, and further pursue other initiatives in the digital age.